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Monday, 7 - 11 - 2011

Vintage nba round 10: Black/White Edition

Back again, this time with only black/white pictures. First of, Bill Russel rocks the fudge out of a pair of chucks while skyhooking the ball. Manute Bol being, as usual, incredible tall while Sir Charles wears a mask on his head. Wilt Chamberlain’s physics never cease to amaze me. Air Jordan makes some cool posters while destroying the rim. Julius Erving needs no explanation, look at him. Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr. Roger Murdock Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Earvin Magic Johnson smiling at an all-star game.

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Thursday, 29 - 09 - 2011

Vintage nba round 7: Off The Court Wilt Chamberlain Edition

This needs no explanation. I am certain Chamberlain invented swag.

peep: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4 , Round 5 and Round 6